It can't be almost 50 years since we were there as students

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Image from 2016 reunion

The 2019 Reunion was held on September 14th and 15th 2019 and held once again on the campus.

This section held a lot of details about the plans for the event in the run up to the reunion and is now being re-purposed to hold links to pictures taken during the event.

 The intention had been to reproduce the photo taken on the South Quad steps at the 2016 reunion but the sun was shining so brightly that one flight of steps was in brilliant sunshine and the other steps were in total shadow cast by the tower over the south quad gateway. We still managed a picture (thanks to Andrew Griffin) - but the stylke had to be a little different.

All of those who have tickets - over 300 of you - should have received an email with links to a list of those attending and a "Pre-event Guide".

The Guide gives a lot more detail of the event and the locations we'll be using and includes all the relevant information that's on the website

The attendee list shows those that have booked overnight accommodation - so well worth checking that you really did book somewhere to stay.

If you are registered and signed in to the website then you will see a version of this notice with links to various guides - it will be displayed below this article

There are still a few tickets left but we will stop selling them on 6th September as we have to finalise numbers for the catering.

This page takes you through the steps to book tickets for the reunion. This is done through the College website rather than the RHC70s website.

The tickets are £42 each and this includes the evening meal with some wine. If you want overnight accommodation at the College (we have a block booking on one of the new halls) then follow the other link for booking accommodation.

You may want to open the appropriate page on the College web site so you can book the tickets as you're reading!!

This is the link:

The reunion has some accommodation set aside for the weekend of September 14th and 15th. Most people will only want to stay the Saturday night but for those travelling from further afield or wanting to make a long weekend of it then it is possible to add the Friday night or the Sunday night to your booking and still use the code for the reserved accommodation. Those who have to travel some distance and want to be around for the whole of the Heritage day on the Sunday may benefit from staying the Sunday night as well

The Promotion Code to use is:  RHC70s

If you do not use the code you will not be offered a room in the set-aside accommodation and will have access only to rooms in the Hub (this may suit some people of course but space will be limited).

This is a first draft for the schedule on Saturday.  Please note that the start time for registration is at Noon on the Saturday, this will give people more time to meet and chat as well as looking around the grounds.

For those staying overnight the college have also agreed to make the check-out time on Sunday morning 12 noon rather than 10 AM so this will make for a more relaxed visit to Founders for breakfast and for spending some more time relaxing before needing to move out. The Heritage Day means there will be a lot more to do on Sunday - and you can see more details on the College web page (click here)

The printing of badges for the reunion is now underway so that preparation can begin.

The badges that I didn't have photos for are having the pictures of Thomas Holloway and Jane Holloway replaced with cartoon drawings and sketches taken from issues of Chateau (remember the old house magazine) published during the 70s. If you don't want one of the cartoons on your badge then please either let me have a suitable photo to put on it or let me know your favourite LP from your student days and I'll replace the cartoon with the LP cover - provided I have it in time.

Here is the current track list that Pete Challinger has on his system in preparation for the reunion. If you have a favourite track that isn't on the list then add a comment at the bottom of the page so that Pete can see if it can be added. The list covers not just what will be played at the disco but also background music that may get played elsewhere. So just because the track is on the list is no guarantee that it will be played at and particular time or location.

If you want to hear a particular track, or even get it dedicated to someone then let Pete know (you can send him private messages via the website).

The full listing is below (but you may njeed to click on the 'Read More' link to see it.

Now that we have almost 300 people coming to the reunion it's getting a little bit difficult for people to wade through the album of badges of all those attending. As a first step the albums were re-organised based on attendee starting years and all of these albums are still in the photos section of the 2019 reunion event.

I have now added a downloadable PDF of all those attending that you can access here. This is in alphabetical order of the surnames people had when students.

If you have a photo of any of these attendees that have 'No Photo' against their name then please let me have it so I can update their badge.


With around three months to go until the reunion we have just over 230 tickets sold so far.

The chart in the full article shows the breakdown by starting year.

All those coming should have received a draft of their badge - let me know if you haven't. These badges are all in the photo album of badges in the Community Section of the web site. (Reunion Badges). I currently add to this album as a ticket is purchased so the sequence does not make it easy to find people you may know other than just picking out a particular badge colour.

On the Sunday of the reunion there will be a breakfast in Founders (for those who have booked accommodation using the RHC70s booking code) and hopefully an opportunity to get a group photo on the steps in South Quad (weather permitting). Tea and coffee will then be available in the Herringham Room (regardless of whether you stayed overnight) but you may also want to grab your tickets for some of the activities going on as part of the Heritage Open Day - most of these activities are for limited numbers and you need to get a ticket for an appropriate time-slot.

A few people who are coming as part of a group have asked if it's possible to reserve a table so that they can sit as a group for the meal. In the past I've resisted this as it's a bit of a headache to both organise and manage - and the system of semi-organised chaos has always seemed to work where we just suggest areas for different year groups.

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