This page takes you through the steps to book tickets for the reunion. This is done through the College website rather than the RHC70s website.

The tickets are £42 each and this includes the evening meal with some wine. If you want overnight accommodation at the College (we have a block booking on one of the new halls) then follow the other link for booking accommodation.

You may want to open the appropriate page on the College web site so you can book the tickets as you're reading!!

This is the link:

Just click on the dropdown to select the number of tickets you want to buy.

When you enter the number of tickets the window will expand downwards to collect the payment details and the details of each of the people for whom you are buying a ticket.


Complete the card details you plan to pay with and then scroll down to add the people details. There will be a section for each person to get their contact details and then a section for some additional information such as dietary requirements so that the catering can make sure something suitable is available and then (if the ticket is for an alumnus)  their subject details and year of graduation. This is needed so an appropriate badge can be created.


On the people details please use the names that people were known by when a student - this is the name that will go on the badge (unless you specifically want married names on the badge) as it will be the name that most other alumni will recognise.

If the person is not an alumnus then just put "Guest of ...", "husband of ....", "Wife of....", "Friend of..." etc - this will then go on the badge for a guest.

Then for each person click the appropriate dietary requirements (if it's not in the list then select other then email the details)

The next three Yes / No queries relate to the College systems so let them know whether you are happy to be contacted.

Then click "Register".

You will get an automated response from the booking system with the names and what you've entered in the subject box for each of the tickets you've bought. I will get a copy of this which I'll use to produce a draft of the badge for the event. I'll send the draft badges to the person who made the booking for the details to be checked (usually within a day or two unless I'm away). The badges will include a photo of you from the time you were a student if one is available to aid recognition, you will then be able to provide a better picture to replace the draft.

I will add the draft badges to the alumni-only part of the website so others can see who is attending - let me know if you'd rather I didn't do this.

You can see the draft badges of those that have bought tickets so far. You will have to be signed in on this site and then click on this link