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Personal Contributions to RHC70s

1.      RHC70s is under no obligation to publish any text or photos submitted to the site.
2.      The editors may alter the text of material accepted for publication for the sake of clarity, without the author being notified.
3.      Digital versions of images submitted with the story may need to be cropped by the editors to facilitate the creation of thumbnails. This cropping will be done with sensitivity to the subject of the image.
4.      RHC70s reserves the right to reject material on the grounds of copyright infringement, offensiveness or other legal considerations.
5.      RHC70s cannot accept contributions of a commercial, marketing or advertising nature unless the offer is so attractive it can fund a number of improvements to the site.  We will, however, accept editorial content from commercial organisations who were involved with the College at the time.


Complete the fields as follows:
First Name:
This should be your first name as it was when you were a student.
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This should be your surname as it was when you were a student – so a maiden name rather than a married name.
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On the second page:
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This is your surname now. Please fill this in even if it is the same as when you were a student.
Surname then:
This will default to the name you used on the first page.
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Just so you get the chance to enter the name most people knew you by. Here you can use shortened forms of your name or a nickname.
First Year:
Your first year as a student at RHC. Just the year, not the month or anything else.
Last Year:
The year you finished at RHC. Just the year. If you went on to be a postgrad at RHC then you can include that period as well.
The subject or department you studied in.

These three fields are used to verify your details on the Alumni list.
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